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Online Classes for JL / DL / SET

To prepare the aspirants for each stage of the exam by developing sound academic base with quality teaching, individual attention and develop competitive attitude amongst them.

Welcome to UV Physics

The GATE way to the Ultimate Victroy..

a) We Provide Pre-Recorded Lectures.
b) Useful only to Telangan and AP State JL / DL / SET Exams.

c) Contains Topic Wise Exams and Mock Tests ( JL / DL Model)
d) Students can watch at any time and any number of times
e) Provide Windows / Andorid Applications.

f) Classes will be provided in HD/ FHD Formats (Need Good Network)

Requirements for Pre-Recorded Classes
1. Good Network
Student must have good high speed Internet Broadband Connection, (Minimum 100 mbps Speed is required).
Mobile Network or Mobile Hotspot is not Allowed to attend the Recorded Classes
Each Class Video Consumes around 2GB of Data
2. Devices
(a) Windows Laptop / Desktop (Windows 10 or above)
We will provide a separate UV-Spectra windows Application to attend the Live Classes, and Test Series
(b) Android Tablet (Android Version 10 or above)
We will provide Android application for Tablets, Android Phones are not allowed to attend the Classes.
(c) MAC Book Application  ( OS 13 or later)
We will provide Mac Book Application to attend the Classes and test Series.

** Only Single Device is Allowed. Facility to change the Device at any time on Request
* *Mobile Devices are not Allowed to attend the Live Classes.
Course Validity Fee Structure Package Contains
Pre-Recorded   2 Months Rs 12000/- Access to Pre- Recorded Class Videos and Test Series
 Pre-Recorded  3 Months  Rs 15000/-
 Access to Pre-Recorded Class Videos and Test Series

Extension  1 Month  Rs 3000/- At anytime, Student can extend the Package for 1 month.
Course Validity Fee Structure Package Contains Instalments
 Pre-Recorded  2 Months  Rs 12000/-
 Access to
Recorded Classes and Exams
 Online Pre-Recorded Package Contains
 Live Classes Recorded Classes Study Material(Online 1 Year Validity) Test Series Bridge Course
Network   Devices Allowed
Broad band 
(Minimum Speed 100 mbps)
Mobile Network/ Hotspot not allowed.
Each Class consumes around 2GB to 3GB
Laptops / Desktop / Android Tablets
* Android Phones are not Allowed
* We are not responsible to your Network Issues...If any Issue, you have grace period of 24 hours to watch the Class.
** Once Fee is Paid not possible to Refund or Transferable.



UV Physics Announces new Batch for CSIR-NET Physics. This training is useful for GATE, JEST and TIFR Also. We will cover 90% Syllabus. More focus on Core Syllabus (6 papers).We will conduct Weekend Exams and MOCK Tests.